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Saturday, 17 March 2018

A History of Doctor Who through its Script Editors

I am writing a series of articles for Cultbox, attempting to put together a history of Doctor Who by writing about its Story/Script Editors.
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'No, I don't recognise me either.'
I pitched this series under the title of 'Standing on the Shoulder of Bryants', which I mention in the first article and mention again here because frankly it's my greatest achievement.

I'll add the links to each article as they go up.

  1. David Whitaker
  2. Dennis Spooner
  3. Donald Tosh
  4. Gerry Davis
  5. Peter Bryant
  6. Victor Pemberton
  7. Derrick Sherwin
  8. Terrance Dicks
  9. Robert Holmes
  10. Anthony Read
  11. Douglas Adams
  12. Christopher H. Bidmead
  13. Anthony Root
  14. Eric Saward
  15. Andrew Cartmel
  16. Russell T. Davies
  17. Steve Moffat

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