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Saturday, 23 September 2017

The cry of two birds wheeling in alien skies and one stone

I don't exercise much. I take a walk at lunch and occasionally play football (but in goal, so I can't really sprint further than 18 yards before I feel tired).

I also have wanted, since I rewatched all the Fifth Doctor stories, to experience all of Doctor Who in broadcast order.

Who has the time to do all these things? How do people have the time to do anything?

There's an exercise bike in our flat. This has been there for around eight months and I've never used it. The thought has been at the back of my mind that it's entire purpose is to do exercise in the comfort of your own home without committing to gym membership and the feeling of discomfort among strangers. 

Also, watching the whole of Doctor Who is quite a big time commitment. Maybe I'd blog about it, but frankly everyone's done that. I don't know if I have any special insights into Doctor Who, or anything worth being recorded, so I'd just be doing this for me. 

I read that you're supposed to do at least half an hour's worth of exercise every day. Walks at lunch weren't really enough to get my heart rate up. Cycling would do it, and Ali tends to watch sitcoms while cycling to relieve the monotony. I, too, had an idea of something to watch. Something that lasted around 25 minutes and that I had plans to rewatch anyway.

So this is a thing I'm trying. Watching all of Doctor Who in order while cycling. Mainly because I've had indigestion and exercise is meant to relieve that to be honest, but sources of inspiration aren't really up to you are they?

So I'm up to the first episode of The Daleks. I've got up earlier to do this, which has made me tired initially but I do feel much better overall. 

Plus I'm watching all of Doctor Who, and by the time the forty five minute episodes kick in, I'll be totally ready for them.

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